About the Blog

Greetings! I am Fidel H Viegas, the founder of Geekstakulus.

Although my educational journey led me to the path of engineering, I’ve often found it challenging to confine myself to that singular identity. It was through my encounter with the book, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: C++ Version, by Allan B. Downey that a shift occurred. At that moment, I recognized that, by Downey’s standards, I could rightfully embrace the title of a computer scientist.

According to Allan B. Downey, the mental landscape of a computer scientist draws inspiration from the realms of Mathematics, Engineering, and Natural Sciences. In essence, computer scientists engage with ideas using the precision of mathematicians, craft solutions as engineers do, and venture into hypothesis formation, prediction testing, and observation of intricate systems.

Within the pages of this blog, I intend to share insights gleaned from my three decades of experience in the realms of data science and engineering, text processing, formal languages, computer programming, and the intricate realm of compiler engineering, which encompasses both interpreters and compilers. Periodically, I shall delve into discussions about Artificial Intelligence, systems administration, and an array of general computer-related subjects.

It’s important to acknowledge that diversity is the essence of humanity, thus acknowledging that not all articles will cater to every individual’s needs. Disagreements might arise, and that’s perfectly acceptable, for I value and encourage diverse perspectives. I warmly invite you to express your thoughts and insights through the various channels provided on the Contact Me page.

Recognizing the inherent fallibility of us humans, I’d like to acknowledge that despite my earnest efforts to produce flawless content, occasional errors may find their way in. If such instances come to your attention, please don’t hesitate to notify me, allowing me to rectify them promptly.

May this blog become a source of enjoyment and enlightenment for you.

Welcome aboard!

Fidel H Viegas